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Hi, I'm Terri Ewert, a life long resident of IL, Wife to a loving, supportive Husband and Mother to three fabulous kids. Welcome to my Blog!

Southport Skating Club

Hats off to the Southport Skating Club! The Summer Classic, is a skating competition that was recently hosted by the Southport Skating Club. As a fairly new member of this organization, I had the opportunity to conduct my volunteer hours and my Daughter also served as a Runner for at least two out of the […]

Falling Isn’t Failure! 5

Hello Friends of Pinkskate, The past several days have been really thought provoking for me primarily because of the conversations I’ve had with a few of my closest friends who are pursuing great and exciting things in their lives right now. The primary concern in each of these conversations was Fear and the thought of […]

figure skating support

Mother and Daughter ice skating

Skating with Bethany 2

My Daughter’s figure skating coach; who happens to be (Awesome) has an adult student who has been taking lessons for some time. This adult student has been working extremely hard and making Great progress in her own skating ability as a result of the private lessons she has with my Daughter’s coach. Well, this wonderful […]

Blog Post #2 Adult Figure Skater’s

Since there’s so many adults who continue to work hard in the sport of figure skating by taking lessons and competing, I really want to show you some love by commending you for all your hard work. I’ve had a number of conversations with adult skaters at my home rink where my Daughter skates and […]

off-ice skating apparel

Blog Post # 1 Figure Skating Fashion 7

With so many characteristics to love about the sport of figure skating, its hard to pick just one. However, what we love most here at Pinkskate, is the FASHION of the sport. In fact we can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s a great costume for your solo performance in the local ice show, your […]