Ice Chat 4

advice on figure skating challenges

Figure skater discusses how to improve on techniques.

Hello Friends of Pinkskate!

Today’s blog post is dedicated specifically to Teenage figure skaters and younger. I especially want to hear from you because almost every skater in your age group has something Very important that they are trying to accomplish.

Learning brand new elements like Freestyle 4 footwork, an Axel or preparing for your moves-in-the-field test can sometimes generate pressure which then leads to stress. I want to offer you a way to discuss those very issues with people who get it and understand.

If you have been feeling stressed out by having to learn new or difficult techniques, the good news is that it’s perfectly normal to have that feeling! The other important thing to remember is that you are not alone and there are plenty of other skaters probably feeling the exact same way.

You are invited to join our Ice Chat and share your thoughts on the hardest figure skating elements that you’ve been working on. With your participation in this blog post, maybe other skaters will feel less stressed and be encouraged by your input! = )

Get started by answering one or more of the following questions below:

  • What is the most difficult technique that you are currently working on?
  • How are you trying to improve that technique?
  • What helpful advice can you offer a fellow skater at your current level?
  • What makes you relax after a long workout or lesson on the ice?

Keep up the hard work and never give up! Don’t forget – Love yourself and Love your sport!

Much Love from,


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Hi, I'm Terri Ewert, a life long resident of IL, Wife to a loving, supportive Husband and Mother to three fabulous kids. Welcome to my Blog!

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4 thoughts on “Ice Chat

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    Bethany E

    hi im working on my axle. I’ve been trying to perfect it by trying to remember to have a target,a high leg on the take off,and to make sure that im landing with a good check of the arms so i can land on the right edge! The advice that i give is to ALWAYS have a target to kick to, and what helps me the most to remember that is to aim under my right eye brow and if that doesn’t work for you, you can try another thing that always helps me is to take the swinging of the arms and to form the hands into the shape of an arrow then act as if you where to kick threw the arrow! Hope that helps ; )

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    Lauren Atchison

    What kept me going was Pausing. Everything has to stop at some point in order to keep going! Strengthening your inner connection, strengthens your inner connection to ALL things. (Including to learn to master our thoughts about completing a jump in skating)
    All our thoughts direct our life! Always think positive and say “yes i did that! and i can do that and even more!”

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    What’s the point of moves in the field? Being graceful and powerful? Its not really improving my skating. I am improving but I feel like determination and practicing is making me improve not moves in the field. So is moves just something you need to compete? Any advise?

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      Terri Post author

      Hello Robyn,
      You have asked a most excellent question and although I am certainly not an authority on the subject of Moves in the field, I will do my best to answer your question from a “Figure skating Mom” perspective.
      My Daughter is currently working on her second moves in the field test, which is part of a series of test outlined by US Figure Skating. In order for her to be able to compete at higher levels, she must first pass specific tests that display her basic skills, control, and ability to execute detailed footwork in specific patterns.
      While she is performing moves in the field, she is expected to be in control, maintain power and be graceful all at the same time. Therefore, she has experienced a noticeable improvement in grace, power and control. She is also required to work the full length of the ice rink which really makes her push to maintain enough power to get through her pattern. So you see, it really can have a positive effect on your figure skating over all.
      A quick funny story; when I was a little girl, just a little younger than my Daughter, figure skaters were required to use a tool called a Scribe. It actually looked like a really long compass. Using this tool, we had to draw out our patterns on the ice and skate the full length of the pattern. Skaters shared the ice and typically had a little patch of ice to work on and the whole process was commonly referred to as “Patch”. This was a very LONG time ago for me and I actually would have preferred moves in the field. = )

      There are tons of resources on the web that can give you a more detailed explanation of what moves in the field is and its purpose. Two of my favorites include U.S. Figure skating and another respectable blog by Jo Ann Schneider Farris at

      Great question Robyn and I really hope you keep up the good work!