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VIP Spotlight

Our virtual Spotlight is a great way to nominate someone special in your life who has really encouraged you to be the best in the sport your passionate about whether it’s figure skating or hockey. More than that it’s a fun way to say thank you to the person or persons who have really been the motivating force in keeping you going when you have thought of giving up.

Anyone can be placed in the spotlight; a Coach, Friend, Parent, Neighbor, Co-worker or Spouse! It’s fun and simple; All you need to do is go to Recent Blog Posts find the “Spotlight” post and submit your VIP in a reply comment. List their first name and last initial only. Share a few words why this person deserves to be in the spotlight and list your first name and last initial as well. That’s it! Then you have placed a special person in the Pinkskate Spotlight, where our goal is to share the gift of love and encouragement!




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