Life Happens

Hello friends of Pinkskate, When life happens there’s not a whole lot you can do to stop, slow or impede its effects. Life simply happens and we have to strap in our “life seat belts” and hunker down for the ride. For some folks, “life happens” sounds cliché, but for many that phrase takes on […]

Life's Pathway

In loving memory

Losing a loved one 2

If you’re someone who’s very active in the figure skating community you know all too well that your life revolves around practice in a figure skating rink but it doesn’t just end there. There’s always competitions, ice shows, training, fund raising, skating club activities, synchro team practice and anything that has everything to do with […]

2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

    2015 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships   The 2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships was amazing! There were so many spectacular moments in each of the events and I love just how much I continue to learn every time my family and I set down to watch these amazing athletes compete. With so much […]

2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championship

Happy Holidays from Pinkskate!

Happy Holidays!! To all our Pinkskate Friends and Family, the most wonderful time of the year is already upon us and Pinkskate is ready to assist you in making those Holiday wishes come true. Because we are committed to helping you make this a wonderful Holiday Season, we have decided to make Free Shipping an […]

Brand new look

Fashion and Sports

The union between Sports and Fashion

Hello Friends of Pinkskate, First of all let me just say goodbye Summer and Hello Fall because here in Illinois, Winter comes quick and with a vengeance. So to all our Pinkskate friends still enjoying your warm weather, please soak up some sun rays for me. Now that things have settled down a bit with […]

Pairs On Ice by Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt

Hello Friends of Pinkskate! I hope everyone is doing well and trying to wrap their minds around the fact that it’s already August and we are in the midst of the Back to School season! Wow, is all I can think when I ponder that thought. So with the Summer Break approaching its end and […]

More Than Half-Way There!

Hello Friends of Pinkskate, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Fourth of July Celebration with their families, friends and loved ones. I’m also hoping that everyone is enjoying the beauty of summer and getting an opportunity to hang out with friends for summertime fun. The mere fact that we are halfway through this Month of […]

Off-Ice Workouts + Stretching

Okay, so today was a great lesson for Bethany and I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. The coach had a special treat after the skating lesson, primarily because Bethany is at the point where its time to level up. However, one might ask just what does it really mean to “level up”? Well, plain […]