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Figure Skating Mom

Figure Skating Mom


Do you love Figure Skating as much as I do?

Hi I’m Terri Ewert and as a young girl, figure skating was my first love, and now I’m so grateful to have a sweet Daughter who loves the sport just as much if not more than I ever did. We also share a common interest in the way that fashion and figure skating intermingle.  

Pinkskate is the brand name we created to give figure skaters and hockey players a way to represent their sport through fashion. This is especially true since figure skating is a sport that is vastly underrepresented in retail stores.

The Pinkskate Blog was created to provide a safe and inviting platform for anyone involved in the sport to discuss the good and bad of all things skating in their lives. The good news is that there is so much to talk about, from fashion to athletics, the topics are endless. So welcome to the Pinkskate Blog a figure skating forum.

You are invited to share your thoughts and ideas about this wonderful and historic sport loved by so many. We also invite you to visit our new online store at Pinkskate.com where we hope you find fashion for your passion.

Terri Ewert