A New Year & New Beginnings

Don't stop believing

Dream Big!

A New Year & New Beginnings

I am very humbled when I think back on all that this year of 2014 has meant to me, my family & our journey in pursuing our dream of small business ownership and our passion for the sports of Figure Skating and Hockey. This year and so many before 2014 have been filled with challenges and disappointments that we wouldn’t wish on anyone. Yet somehow during this journey we have been reminded that when you choose to pursue your dream no matter how unpopular or unconventional it may appear to others, it can and will be worth the pursuit when you follow your heart. Once we realized that the obstacles we faced were only opportunities into something greater, we actually embraced the challenges and pressed on.

Perhaps the greatest joy of this whole year has been the experience and opportunity in giving something back to the sport I’ve loved my whole life. Truly, this journey would not be possible without the continued support from all of you. My hope is that our success, small and new as it may be, would inspire all of you to purse your dreams. Having said that, I am wishing all of us an even more exciting 2015!

From all of us to all of you we wish you a Happy New Year!



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Hi, I'm Terri Ewert, a life long resident of IL, Wife to a loving, supportive Husband and Mother to three fabulous kids. Welcome to my Blog!

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