Best Off-Ice Workouts


Body conditioning and toning

Body conditioning and toning

With so much to talk about when it comes to the sport of figure skating, it’s really hard deciding what to blog about first. However, the main topic that stands out in my mind is the number one thing I’m constantly hounding my Daughter for. What is that topic you ask? Off Ice Workouts!

As a figure skating Mom, I sound like a broken record at least five days out of the week by yelling the following: “Do your stretches”, “skip rope” and “hop on the treadmill”; these are my favorites. Yet each of these tasks that I lovingly encourage my skater to engage in, all serve their purpose when it comes to helping her be a better figure skater.

Anyone who figure skates knows that it is not easy advancing to the next level. Once you have conquered the basics and you enter the world of FREESTYLE, things can get a lot more intimidating.

This is especially true since everyone’s body is shaped differently, for some it’s easy as if they were born to figure skate and being limber just comes naturally. While for others, it’s a hard task getting their bodies to be loose and agile. The good news is that really anyone who wants to be good at this sport, can be if they try by working hard on and off the ice.

The things we have found to work best for our freestyle 5 skater, are the very same things that I listed above. Stretching to maintain the flexibility of movement and not straining muscles, skipping rope to not only help with cardio but also to create good muscle memory for jumping. Finally, running on the treadmill which is great for cardio and stamina as well.

There’s a multitude of office workouts and activities that will enhance and improve your figure skating ability. I would love for you to share your input, suggestions, ideas or comments about what has worked best for you or the skater in your life.

The Pinkskate blog is here to encourage everyone to be their absolute best so please feel free to join our forum and submit your input. I’d also like to leave you with the encouraging words to love yourself and love your sport.