Pairs On Ice by Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt

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I hope everyone is doing well and trying to wrap their minds around the fact that it’s already August and we are in the midst of the Back to School season! Wow, is all I can think when I ponder that thought. So with the Summer Break approaching its end and Kids preparing themselves for school to begin, I thought this would be the perfect time to recommend a wonderful book to all my Figure Skating fans. This wonderful story has earned a lovely spot in the Pinkskate Spotlight.

Pairs On Ice by Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt, is a fun, and fascinating story of characters you actually find yourself relating to and rooting for. Jamie, is a vibrant and determined 12-year old figure skater who truly enjoyed skating singles but then finds herself suddenly catapulted into the world of Pairs skating with her new partner Matt. Unfortunately, Jamie and Matt hit it off like Oil and Vinegar! Mostly because Matt is an experienced Pairs Skater that actually believes he never makes mistakes. Of course it doesn’t help that his mother, Violet, constantly points out every single flaw and slip-up Jamie ever makes. Even when she doesn’t make one. Note to self, Violet might be the character you love to hate.

When a Peace Truce between this unlikely Pairs couple finally takes place, you won’t believe what happens when they actually start to become a team! Will they make it to Nationals or will old skating partners and drama between parents ruin everything?!?  I guess you’ll just have to read Pairs On Ice for yourself to find out. You won’t be sorry you did and this is definitely a “Tween” book to remember! You can find it on Amazon as both a paperback and Kindle book – buy the paperback and download the Kindle for FREE!

** Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt is an accomplished Author with strong ties to the Figure Skating community. You might be interested to know that Pairs on Ice is a finalist in the Florida Writers Association’s Royal Palm Literary Award Competition.  Results will be announced at their annual conference in October.

Until we blog again, I hope Everyone is able to do some fun back to school shopping and I want to leave you with the gentle reminder to always love yourself and love your sport.

Love Pinkskate

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