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Life Happens

Hello friends of Pinkskate, When life happens there’s not a whole lot you can do to stop, slow or impede its effects. Life simply happens and we have to strap in our “life seat belts” and hunker down for the ride. For some folks, “life happens” sounds cliché, but for many that phrase takes on […]

Life's Pathway

In loving memory

Losing a loved one 2

If you’re someone who’s very active in the figure skating community you know all too well that your life revolves around practice in a figure skating rink but it doesn’t just end there. There’s always competitions, ice shows, training, fund raising, skating club activities, synchro team practice and anything that has everything to do with […]

Blog Post # 1 Figure Skating Fashion 7

With so many characteristics to love about the sport of figure skating, its hard to pick just one. However, what we love most here at Pinkskate, is the FASHION of the sport. In fact we can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s a great costume for your solo performance in the local ice show, your […]

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