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Figure skating fashion

With so many characteristics to love about the sport of figure skating, its hard to pick just one. However, what we love most here at Pinkskate, is the FASHION of the sport. In fact we can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s a great costume for your solo performance in the local ice show, your favorite competitive skater rocking a Vera Wang design or your cutest Chloe Noel practice ensemble. Fashion is such a big aspect of this sport that it is mind boggling. From Glitter and Rhinestones to Swarovski Crystals, if it Bling’s and Shines, then you will see it on the ice.

With so much fashion represented on the ice, I would love to see fashionable apparel geared toward skaters for off-ice wear. What are your thoughts on the topic of off-ice apparel? How would you envision that apparel to look and feel? Please share your thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Blog Post # 1 Figure Skating Fashion

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    Lauren Atchison

    The music, the dance, the fashion. Once you have morphed into the character of your music, your mind overflows with program possibilities and moves. With all that, the fashion brainstorming should start! Reflect the music, don’t steal the eyes of the audience away from your dramatic or graceful moves with an outfit that doesn’t make sense! Ive made that mistake too many times because i wanted to be flashy. I realized when i toned down the costume, it captivated the audience more because it was simple and elegant and they paid attention to my choreography and passion. In order to be irreplaceable and number one, you have to be different. Sports and fashion make a great team though! They are both big industries worth billions of dollars with athletes of varying import and they both have a certain undeniable glamour to them. As an athlete, you are representing yourself, a soundtrack, the ice rink you trained at, coaches, family, hard work and dedication and most of all you are the idol to little girls. Whether it be one girl you pass in the stands that admires you, or a nation of girls that are watching you on TV, you are representing ICE SKATING. A classy, graceful, breath taking sport. Before i would choose a skating dress, i took into considering all of these points plus more! (Take photos of your dress before hand to see if it even photographs well!) Add your own twist and style to any costume but take into considering you are the music.
    Be iconic ( even at local competitions)
    Pant suits on women is rarely acceptable for competition in my eyes unless you are skating to Michael Jackson haha! Too much skin colored mesh is distracting and i would eliminate the fabric all together! Sheer baggy sleeves are a no. A dress too costume-y is cheesy. A conventional elegant costume is more my style! Id go more dramatic makeup with a soft dress instead of adding skate covers or gloves or a plethora of hair accessories! Favorite designer on ice is Vera Wang! By far!

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      Terri Post author

      Great insight Lauren! When a Skater chooses costuming and music often times it is a reflection of who they are and who they want the audience to see them as.

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      Zhanna Kens

      Hi Lauren! I like your post and I agreed pretty much with everything you said. I’m a Dress Designer and love to create figure skating dresses and costumes. I believe that ice skating dress must be complementary to the music, that is how I create by listening the music first. Also I think that the best choice is to get custom ice skating dress if you can afford. It is important to find the perfect designer to make custom dresses. Having the perfect ice skating dress can make or break your performance. Design and fitting of the dress must be perfect and when it is skater feel confidence to perform and get the victory he or she deserved! Here is my website and also the link to my clients Testimonials about my dresses
      Terri, congratulations on your Pinkskate clothing line! Can’t wait to see it. God Bless!

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        Terri Post author

        Zhanna Kens, your response to Lauren’s post is excellent. I love how you describe they way you get inspiration for your designs by first listening to the skater or dancer’s music. In my humble opinion this is True art at work. When a skater takes to the ice and they are wearing the perfect custom made costume for their program, they are actually telling a story that people will remember for years to come. Lauren said it best when she explained that when these competitors step onto the ice they are representing “Figure Skating”, a sport that is classy, graceful, and breathtaking.

        Speaking of these fine qualities, I visited your link at and looked at your designs; they are truly Amazing! You are a talented designer and I believe your future is going to be brighter than you can imagine! Thank you for your well wishes with our Pinkskate clothing line. We are looking forward to putting out more pieces that embrace everyday style and comfort tailored around the sport of Figure Skating. I realize what we are doing is probably not the most conventional thing because most people don’t even think about the sport of figure skating until the Olympic games come around BUT, that doesn’t mean that we won’t realize our dreams of seeing Pinkskate become the number one provider of off-ice fashion for skaters world-wide. Being the exceptional designer that you are, I’m sure you can relate to that goal = ). Thanks again for stopping by Zhanna Kens and many, many best wishes to you in all your goals.

        Terri Ewert

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    Terri Post author

    We are so excited about our Pinkskate clothing line and can’t wait for our friends and family to see the fruit of all the hard work. So grateful for all the love and support we’ve received. Website coming soon so keep an eye out! = )

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    I am new at ice skating, this is one of my favorite hobbies, but I really understand what you mean. Off-ice apparel must be complementary with ice skating dresses, according to my humble opinion. I also visited Zhanna’s website and I think she is very talented. I am in mid-twenties, and I prefer contemporary dance designs. I have sporty type of body and I feel really deliberated and free.

    Keep up the good work!

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      Terri Post author


      I am a firm believer that you can never be too old or too young to start or participate in the sport of figure skating. I also agree with you in that Zhanna is very talented and I believe she brings art to life through her designs. I hope you stick with figure skating and never give up. It is by far one of the best and most liberating sports. Thanks for your input.