Blog Post #2 Adult Figure Skater’s

Since there’s so many adults who continue to work hard in the sport of figure skating by taking lessons and competing, I really want to show you some love by commending you for all your hard work.

I’ve had a number of conversations with adult skaters at my home rink where my Daughter skates and they are all so encouraging not only to each other but they really fuel their own motivation with a sincere love and commitment for this sport.

I keep saying that I will get back onto the ice and maybe even compete one day but I hasn’t quite happened yet. I mostly support my Daughter’s skating but I sure have fun getting out on the ice with her from time to time.

If you are an adult skater, how long have you been skating and what drives you to keep going? Maybe the better question is who remember’s landing your first Axel, assuming you’ve gotten that far. I’m still very happy just with the ability to land a Waltz jump!

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