Skating with Bethany 2

Mother and Daughter ice skating

Mother and Daughter figure skating

My Daughter’s figure skating coach; who happens to be (Awesome) has an adult student who has been taking lessons for some time. This adult student has been working extremely hard and making Great progress in her own skating ability as a result of the private lessons she has with my Daughter’s coach.

Well, this wonderful student has been so encouraging to me and many times has suggested that I get back on the ice and skate with my Daughter.  After MUCH contemplation I finally got back on the ice with Bethany!

Bethany and I split an hour of freestyle time prior to the start of her lesson, in which she helps me work on nice forward stroking, cross over’s, figure eight’s, including inside and outside edges.

I am so grateful for the adult student and all of her encouraging words to get back on the ice in a more consistent basis. Skating with Bethany has not only been a blessing to me but I see that it truly encourages Bethany to be her best as well.

I’m also happy to report that the soreness is starting to subside and I’m truly realizing the importance of stretching before and after skating. Wow! I’ve totally forgotten that some of my muscles ever even existed!

This has been a great weekend and tomorrow is Monday so I’m really looking forward to my time on the ice with Bethany. With Bethany’s help I’ve been feeling more confident each time I get on the ice, if I keep this up, I just may give serious thought to taking real lessons again.


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2 thoughts on “Skating with Bethany

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    Rueneice Rita Rose-Hudson

    My daughter skating with my granddaughter is a blessing to my eyes. I look forward to seeing them mother and daughter skating together in an Ice Show.They look so graceful SKATING together on ice.
    Terri and Bethany, I love you much!!!


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      Terri Post author

      How sweet is that? Thank you for introducing me to a sport that still blesses me to this day! I’m so proud of Bethany and the beautiful skater she has become. I expect great things from her and together we can all expect great things from Pinkskate. = )