Southport Skating Club

Hats off to the Southport Skating Club!

The Summer Classic, is a skating competition that was recently hosted by the Southport Skating Club. As a fairly new member of this organization, I had the opportunity to conduct my volunteer hours and my Daughter also served as a Runner for at least two out of the three days of the competition. First off I must say hats off to the individuals who facilitated, organized and ran this event.

There is so much work that goes into hosting an event like the Summer Classic and working behind the scenes has given me a healthy and brand new respect for all the details that must be involved in order to make an event like this successful.

Today, I learned just how important the role of an Ice Monitor is as the skaters check in before going on to the ice for their scheduled event. I also learned how important it is to stay organized as the skaters check in with the Awards table to receive their hard earned medals and trophies. My role as a volunteer was so very small in comparison to all the coaches and chair persons that ran this program but what a great experience it was for me and my Daughter to be on the other side of the competition buzz.

Greeting parents, congratulating skaters and handing out honors was loads of fun and I’m glad Bethany and I could be a part of it so Kudos to the Southport Skating Club. You are definitely worthy of being nominated for the Pinkskate Spotlight. Great job and I was happy to be a part of it. = )

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