Off-Ice Workouts + Stretching

Okay, so today was a great lesson for Bethany and I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. The coach had a special treat after the skating lesson, primarily because Bethany is at the point where its time to level up. However, one might ask just what does it really mean to “level up”?

Well, plain and simple it means time to work just as hard off the ice as you do on the ice. Since my skater is at the Freestyle 5 level, it can be somewhat of a “cross roads” in which skaters either dig in and give their all to advance or unfortunately loose interest and let go of the sport all together.

Today was a special lesson because we incorporated a whole new level of stretches after the lesson. The stretches really showed us where Bethany has tight spots in her lower back, legs and hips. What I really found to be interesting is that Bethany has the perfect physic for figure skating; She’s long and lean with great extensions. However, that doesn’t automatically guarantee that She has the “flexibility” that goes along with the perfect physic. In other words sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Today’s workout included a serious of Pilate style stretches to encourage Bethany’s core strength, extensions and flexibility. The good news is that Bethany is more flexible than she thought with good core strength!  On the other hand, she has a ways to go and in order to “level up” she will need to keep the stretching and Pilates exercises as routine part of her workouts.

I have so much respect for this sport and for everyone who loves it because if you do love the sport of figure skating, then you know that it takes “Hard Work  + Dedication”. I just want to leave you with one final thought… Remember to love yourself and love your sport.

Much Love from Pinkskate! = )

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