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Support when you fall 

Hello Friends of Pinkskate,

The past several days have been really thought provoking for me primarily because of the conversations I’ve had with a few of my closest friends who are pursuing great and exciting things in their lives right now. The primary concern in each of these conversations was Fear and the thought of Failure. I must admit that I can totally relate simply because of my own dreams and goals that I am currently pursuing by owning my own business. So, it is only natural that I would think of a sport like figure skating.

As a skater you might fall down a million times before you land a jump correctly and just how many times do you really have to fall before you finally get it right? Most people will answer that question by saying “I fall down a lot!” Sometimes life in general can feel the same way but the good news is that we can get back up! The fall might hurt and it may even be embarrassing but if you never take that leap of faith into your goals or dreams, you will never know what landing that amazing opportunity feels like.

Please be encouraged today and know that you can pursue your dreams and goals especially since you most likely already possess the talent to achieve it. Just remember if and when you fall, get back up again. = )




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5 thoughts on “Falling Isn’t Failure!

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      Terri Post author

      Jithin, I like the way you think because you are absolutely correct and winners never give up no matter how many times they have failed or fallen in the past.

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    Lauren Atchison

    As a perfectionist and a figure/hockey player myself, the fall is the only part of my career i sometimes need to appreciate more because the rise is the Blessing! I encourage ALL my students to fall. Fear is not a real thing. You can’t touch it or see it. It’s just a little emotion along with the millions of other feelings we feel. Since fear isnt real, falling should be welcomed. When we fall, we dont fail, we succeed in finding what DIDNT work. Then we try something new! Its a beautiful thing if you look at the bigger picture! My passion is beyond passionate for skating and wanting to succeed for myself and for my students is a way of life for me! The effort I put into skating and coaching can not be judged because its between ME AND ME! Confidence in independent sports is so incredibly important. Genuine Confidence is the most attractive, positive emotion you could project into the world. I sleep eat and breath teaching kids. It consumes me. You can just look at me and without saying a single word you can see my desire because it illuminates from me. That is confidence and I’m more than grateful i know the feeling of confidence and worth! My success is never on discount, and greatness is never on sale. At moments of doubt in my life think hard about your dreams. Pain failure hardships will come, but they have not come to stay, they have come to pass. Wake up everyday and be excited about life!